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Every time I see your URL on my dash I feel so happy because it reminds me of Persephone (whose name means 'to shoot forth [flowers]'). Wala share lang. :)

Really? Well, thank you so! To be honest, though, I haven’t read anything about Persephone’s story in the Greek myth, haha.

Summer 2014
Lemery Beach, Batangas City

I wanted words but all I heard was nothing.
Oh, I got nothing.

"Ito ay para sa katawang malapit nang bumigay,
sa mga matang pagal, sa pusong
hirap sa pagtibok, at sa
dibdib na kinakapos ng hininga.
Mayro’n kang dahilan para hindi
bumangon sa’yong kama, ngunit pinili mo
pa rin ang lumabas at langhapin ang maiitim
na usok sa kamaynilaan, na ang hatid lamang ay
lubos na paglubha sa iyong karamdaman.
Kaya ko pa, kaya ko pa, sabi mo
sa sarili mong nagmamagaling. Ulol,
papikit pikit ka na nga habang naglalakad
sa daan, pero mabuti at hindi ka pa nawalan
ng malay o nakaramdam ng matinding pagkahilo
dala ng kakulangan sa dugo na dumadaloy sa
iyong mga ugat.
Hindi mo kayang patigilin ang oras, pero
kaya mong patigilin ang sarili mo sa paggawa
ng anumang bagay na makasasama sa’yo at
sa natitira mong oras.
Huminto at magpahinga.
Bigyan mo ng kalinga ang katawan mong malapit
nang bumigay, ipikit ang mga matang pagal,
ang tibok ng puso’y sana tumagal, huminahon
ang dibdib na humihingal.
May umaga ka pang madaratnan, basta’t
huminto ka muna at magpahinga."
- Payo (09/10/14, 20:50)




You remind me of flowers
blooming on spring time
seeing them on sidewalk
gardens make me smile
just the way I smile whenever
I received a message from
you every once in a while

I think you look good with
your new hair, only if
you could manage to
smile that would reach
through your eyes.

Maybe one day we’ll
have the chance
to meet each other
even for just a stroll
on the park while
holding an pistachio
ice cream on hand

Salamat, Autot. :(

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{4:45 AM}

In a blink of an eye, I had totally lost my purpose and myself. It sucks not knowing the direction you’re facing in. You move your feet and walk a mile, but when you look around you just realize that you’re nowhere to be found, and what’s more terrifying is no one knows you struggle this alone. All along, I kept doing the best I can in order to fulfill what needs to be fulfilled, to reach a point of satisfaction but the problem, perhaps, is I never learned to be satisfied with anything I do.
You see, I’ve kept the door shut in a long while to contemplate what I really wanted to achieve in here. When I opened the door again, the purpose that motivated me and ignited the burned-out soul within me was fresh. It wasn’t long ‘til it got rusty and vague, though. Now, it’s all lost. And I’m all alone again.
Whilst there exists an option to go back where I started, I don’t know how to make do. Duh, I don’t even know where the hell this feet had taken me, how am I suppose to go back? Now that is the question I’m hoping to be answered by the time the sun starts setting.
The sun hasn’t risen yet, and I still am a little sleepy to get my arse off and ready myself for a whole new day. And today, I am hoping for something to temporarily fill the emptiness I feel inside while I am finding what’s supposed to make me feel whole.

Of different places, and of different days.

a shout into the void
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